Dave Hawksett

Head Custodian, 

When I needed to build a small research team for the world’s leading authority on video game high scores, Ben was the first person I approached. He can work on complex topics with great attention to detail and is unflappable in a crisis. I hope to work with him again one day.

Michael Dennis

Single and Loathing It


The easiest part of writing my book was thanking Ben in the acknowledgements. He improved my novel in a myriad of ways and he did it for a reasonable price and in a timely fashion. His expertise, knowledge, diligence and even personality transformed my comedy novel from beer-soaked ramblings into a polished, readable, professional piece of writing. Ben always went the extra mile to check even the smallest detail to make sure it was correct, and called out any inconsistencies or contradictions in the story. I learned a lot about writing and editing through the process–all his edits and notes were wonderfully explained. My writing significantly improved from it all. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Ben and would absolutely recommend him to anyone.

Ali Marjai  

Persian Bitter-Sweet Limes


First of all, I have to say, Ben was one of the two among eight others in Reedsy who accepted to edit (both copy editing and developmental editing ) my book. Some even refused to jot down a sentence or two to let me know why they rejected my request. This might be because English is my second language and others might have found my sample work far from what they expected. Ben answered my request immediately while he was abroad and sent me a demo edit on his next post which I needed most to be able to decide.

Our collaboration began on the basis of a time schedule. He was always ahead of time finishing parts of the job before the expected time, without any negative effect on the quality of his work. He answered questions and requests immediately. He was vigilant on details searching and double checking dates, places, spellings, etc.

Working with Ben was not only getting help for editing my book but also a learning course for me in good writing. As I wrote for him in an appreciation note, “When I first began the project more than a year ago with my weakness in language and literature, I wasn’t really sure, this would finally come to an end. But now when I review the text I feel it can be considered as an absorbing book written by an English speaking native and this was because of [his] great help.”

I have my second book in mind, brainstorming and taking notes. This time I know someone very well to ask him for editing my new book and he is no one except Ben Way.

Neera Mahajan

Dare to Create


Ben is an absolute pleasure to work with. His mild manners, respect for my work, and professional attitude make it a real joy to work with him. I like his two-pass method of editing. It works for me.



Maxwell Ejezie

Fate of the Cross Bearer

Ben did an excellent job, and able to finish even before the period elapsed. His extra care for my feeling is more of advantage, and communication skill is well tailored that I will strive to secure finance to collaborate again.

Niranjan S.

The Greatest Game

It was wonderful working with Ben. He did a great job in paraphrasing text to ensure the book reads smoothly. He paid really good attention to detail with the punctuation and grammar. He also raised some important questions which definitely helped strengthen the plot and theme of the book. He was quite helpful and accurate in answering any questions I had. Overall it was a meticulous job and I’m happy about my book post the editorial phase.

Simon Pearce

Out of Business

Ben has worked on all 3 parts of The Business Trilogy and helped to make them far more than they would have been otherwise. Through working with Ben I can’t help but notice how much my writing has improved simply by learning from the feedback he gives and suggestions that he makes. When I think back to what my first manuscript looked like, and how it turned out, it’s like thinking about 2 completely different novels. Ben’s methods highlight changes that more often than not will vastly improve your writing, without being pushed on you with any judgement. I’ve worked with Ben on several occasions now and have been thankful every time that I chose to do so.

Leonid Kulakov

The Tasmanian Envoy


I feel so lucky I found Ben. Ben did an excellent-plus job editing my MS. Although we worked through a very challenging period, collaborating with Ben was always a real pleasure. Ben is not only a great professional he is also a very generous and friendly person. Ben’s editing was so in-depth! His notes were always up to the point and raised very important questions. I am really looking forward to future collaboration with Ben if he’d only agree… Ben, thank you so much!

Jonathan Ammon

Around the Solar System in 80 Days

As an American writing a novel with a very British protagonist, I made the decision to find an editor in London who could make sure my writing had the right flavor (sorry, make that ‘flavour”). Ben did a sample edit of my prologue, and it was immediately clear that he was the right choice to make my words flow. He worked diligently through a time that felt like the end of the world (but turned out to be just the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic). I couldn’t be happier with the results. As a first-time novelist, it felt a bit terrifying to put my story out there into the world, but after Ben’s edit, I had much higher confidence that it was ready for publication. I highly recommend Ben to anyone who has an opportunity to work with him. Note: this testimonial would be much be better written, and certainly have fewer commas, if Ben had edited it.

Simon Pearce

Back in Business


Ben has become the unofficial in-house editor for the publishing arm of Space Monkey Creations. With an amazing eye for detail and continuity, an unparalleled dedication to researching any and all topics that may feature in your work and an expansive lexical resource he is always our first choice.

Not only does Ben have the necessary skills to be a great editor, he is also professional and personable – making it a pleasure to work with him every time. He is also kind enough to give further help, work and feedback on the extra elements of a book, such as the blurb and front cover text.

Stewart McDonald 

A Single Source of Truth


Ben is an incredible editor and I feel very lucky to have found him on this site. His attention to detail is second to none. Meticulous, fast, does what he says, and is always open to questions, feedback and collaboration. I’ll certainly be using his skills again for my next book. Cheers Ben!

J.P. Landau



I knew of Ben’s reputation so I had high expectations going into our collaboration for a copy-editing. Now that the project is over, I’m very glad I worked with him.
Three things to consider,
1. He is thorough in the extreme. My manuscript was highly technical and he would check everything, and many times correct my spelling or provide an alternate way of looking at something. Well beyond the call of duty.
2. He is respectful of the writer’s voice. I never felt pushed to change the way I wrote, even though English is not my first language. The copy-editing was extensive yet never invasive.
3. He was extremely accommodating. Our original arrangement was a manuscript delivered in two parts and a month in length. Because of me, it ended being five chunks and three months – making it at the very least annoying and hard to keep track of for him. He was professional through and through.
Bonus: always on time. I’ve had some amazing editors but dates were usually fluid on their end, which can be troublesome and unnerving for the writer. He was ALWAYS on time or before the due date.
With people like Ben you can feel and see the craft of editing, one that requires experience and passion, of which he evidently has a ton.

Will Blackwell

Under Pressure


As a first time author I was very nervous about approaching professionals with my MU. After Reedsy referred me to 5 editors, i received responses such as, ’40hrs@£25phr’ but Ben was the only one who took time to actually write to me, show interest and was fascinated with the story. I immediately felt at ease I’d chosen the right person whom I could work with. From there, the experience just got better. His editing was perfect and the suggestions he made helped the story flow so much better. Even with the technical aspects of the story, Ben researched it so his points were accurate. There was times when I needed reassurance, which he did and also made me feel better about my writing and gave me confidence to progress to the next level. Overall I can’t thank Ben enough for all his hard work and effort in helping with this MU. its been an absolute pleasure working with him and i have to admit its a shame that its over. I would happily recommend him to anyone and everyone who works in this field. A true professional that knows his industry. 10/10.

Thomas Kel 

Coal and a Bullet


Easy to work with, on time, courteous and professional.

Benson Hsu 

Verse Aeya: Brotherhood


Really helpful and dedicated to the editing process. Provided further review even though he was done with the two agreed revision. Fixed a lot of errors and improved sentence structure. Would definitely recommend him for copyediting.

Steve Bennett

Primal Cure


Ben was an ABSOLUTE DELIGHT TO WORK WITH. He was more than happy not to just make grammar changes, but also challenge some of my claims (I wrote quite a technical health book). Would 110% recommend Ben to anyone wanting honesty and open feedback that will ultimately enhance your end product.

Kate Lockhart

True Tonic


Collaborating with Ben was a true delight. He is incredibly responsive, fully addresses each question/concern, comes in before deadline and stays in contact throughout the project. My nonfiction project was full of research and footnotes, and not only did he go above and beyond with fact-checking each tiny detail, he offered up other relevant sources and formatted the extensive footnotes in Word so that I had a clean manuscript for the interior designer (who commented that she had never worked with such a clean manuscript in her life!).

Ben also has a very professional but warm and friendly demeanor that makes working with him a lot of fun. He most certainly plays the devil’s advocate, but clearly to make the work the best it can possibly be (and not to prove a point or be contrary, like some ) I felt like he really cared about and was interested in the work and I think we both came out of it with a deeper understanding of the subject matter because of our conversations.

I will seek out his services again, and highly recommend him!

Preston Eagan

New Boy

It’s easy to say that Ben Way is a great editor. He notices everything. I live an ocean away and somehow he managed to know more about the setting of my novel, which is based on a place I live close to, than I did. I am so much more confident in my work because Ben edited it. His greatest attribute as an editor is his speed. I don’t know how he makes so many edits in such little time. It’s impressive.

Mike Mendes 

Dawn’s Early Light


Ben is an incredible master of his craft. His attention to detail and his communication with the author is absolutely first class. He gives honest opinions; makes very crisp edits; and has a profound understanding of ensuring that manuscripts have a personality. I fully intend on working with Ben with many of my future projects. I highly recommend going with his services. You will surely not be disappointed.

Andrew Costello

A Knight on the Ropes


Having led an interesting life and being a passionate reader for as long as I can remember I decided to write my autobiography. I did my homework and approached Ben because his work is excellent, his reviews are great and his rates are very reasonable. I don’t think I could have made a better choice. He liaised with me constantly and put his heart and soul into the job – while staying true to my voice and story he took my writing to a level I can only aspire to. I cannot recommend Ben highly enough.

Roy Bright

Judas: The Relic


I used Ben on my second novel, Judas: The Relic, for his copy editor service and I couldn’t have been happier with the results. Ben was extremely professional in every aspect of the process, from providing a sample of his services to his transparency with the pricing.

Ben’s attention to detail is second to none, and he made me rethink some areas of my work that I just would not have, if it had not been for him. His edits were exceptional and as a result, my work has benefited from it to the highest degree. I would not hesitate in recommending Ben to anyone and I will certainly be utilising his service again in the future.

Jack Serong

Great Ocean Quarterly (Australia)


Ben’s become indispensable to Great Ocean Quarterly as our readership grows. We sell our journal principally on the high standard of its writing, and accordingly it’s crucial that every word of it is accurate. Issue after issue, Ben has stepped in with fast and precise copy editing, editorial suggestions and just plain common sense observations; never too technical and never missing a beat. He works flat out until the process is complete, and has saved us repeatedly from deadline pressure with his dedication. He’s now a vital element in our editorial process.

Geoff Le Pard

Dead Flies and Sherry TrifleMy Father and Other LiarsSalisbury Square


Ben came my way via a blog I follow and it was serendipity. I needed an editor and Ben is marvellous. He said, ‘Send me your first chapter and I’ll show you what I can do.’ I went through it with a  fine tooth comb, all 8 pages and he found 24 suggestions and errors. His standards are exceptionally high. For instance, my novel is set in the 1970s and every cultural reference he checked and rechecked; turns of phrase that might not have been used in the 1970s he checked. However, better by far for a novice to the world of Indie publishing like me, his service included a reformatting element so that when I came to publish on Kindle it was as painless as it could be. Of course, there are glitches – we had an issue with a table of contents, but he sorted it out with me, spending a lot of time to get to the bottom of it. That’s what I like: it’s not just ‘here it is, thanks’ with Ben. He sets out to do the job as perfectly as you want it. Book two? Ben, it’s yours.

Katie Ford

Director of Digital Content & Marketing, Guinness World Records


I worked with Ben on the development of GWR’s app programme for iPad. Ben was renowned at the company for his attention to detail and the great pride he showed in his work, and I got to experience this first hand on this project. The fusion of technical and creative is of key importance to the success of any digital publishing programme, and Ben’s enthusiasm and drive to make this partnership and project work was second to none. I have no doubt that he will be a valuable asset to any company he joins in the future.

Mr Davies

PE report, 1986


Ben has mastered the art of truancy. He’s probably in the library.

Edward Walker

I Vow to Thee

A first time novelist with dyslexia who’s written a 180,000 word novel with more mistakes than a Tory government COVID plan. Not, I’m sure, the most ideal of clients. Yet Ben has been exemplary in his work. He’s been patient, thorough and helpful. The suggestions and ideas he’s brought to the story have been insightful and thought provoking. I’d recommend Ben to anyone and everyone and I’ll certainly be requesting his services for book 2.

Patrick Bridger

The Amber Vial


What can I say about Ben that hasn’t already been said in all of his other reviews, not much really other than he really is the definition of Professionalism. He’s an encyclopedia of knowledge on all subjects and genuinely wants to get the very best out of your project for you. He has the patience of a saint and I will definitely miss our collaboration and chats. Ben should be the first port of call for anyone looking to make the most out of their work. I look forward to working with you again Ben and thank you so much for all your hard work and effort, it means a lot.

Phil Hall

Dream House

I am a first time author, not at all sure of the process, but in Ben I found a patient, generous and helpful expert who helped me through the final stages of getting my manuscript into shape. I would strongly recommend him to any beginner. His approach is thorough, beyond any reasonable measure; he’s easy to talk with and has an amazing array of facts at his fingertips to bolster any story.

Mark Duff

On Jericho Flats

Ben was very helpful and patient with guiding me through the editing process. He was instrumental in bringing the manuscript up to a high level of quality. I am very grateful and thankful for Ben’s expertise.

Don Mingo

Author, To Hell, Back, and Beyond – When Faith and Trauma Collide: A PTSD Journey


Ben was an absolute professional delight. Thorough, considerate patience describe Ben’s bedside manner of editing. Being my first time to use Reedsy, Ben was a pleasant asset to discover.

Keith Walsh

Protector’s Curse


I hired Ben to help me with my first novel Protector’s Curse and I have to say I couldn’t be happier with the result. A sentiment emulated by my test readers who felt Ben had streamlined the novel to expert level. A level I can only aspire to.

Being a first timer, I lacked a lot of knowledge in the processes of working with an editor and I am sure to some this would have been an issue but Ben remained patient and professional throughout. Not only extending the deadline but also taking the time to add internet links to information on anything I found confusing. He helped educate me on lots of little grammatical things that I was suffering with too.

His process of adding comments to any changes he made or areas of the story he felt could use more explanation worked brilliantly and allowed for a great back and forth rapport. Did I mention he is patient, I know I did but I wanted to add it again because I am not an easy person to work with but Ben never made me feel such. I challenged him a lot and he simply told me he wouldn’t expect anything less from a writer passionate about their work.

However once my trust in Ben grew I allowed him complete freedom over my book and he edited it perfectly. Never stealing my voice but yet managing to make the whole novel read and look better.

He was also the only editor out of the ones I queried to actually send me a sample edit based on the 3k submission the site allows, something I felt was essential for me to be able to judge if an editor is right for me yet Ben was the only one willing to make that effort.

I simply cannot heap enough praise on Ben and I would highly recommend him to any first time novelist. The experienced ones are most likely already working with him and if they are not, they should be! Thank you Ben for all your wise words, patience, guidance and expertise.

Hire him!

Vanessa Holmes

Being Me

This is my second project with Ben and yet again he has surpassed my expectations. His attention to the smallest details never ceases to amaze. And his knowledge and research skills – what can I say. The two projects couldn’t have been more different. But he executed them both professionally.  Thank you again Ben, looking forward to working with you on project number 3.

Ryan Luke

How to… Property

Ben has been amazing in helping me sort my book out. Nothing was too much trouble and he hit the deadlines.

Kylie Williamson

So You Married a Dad: A Guide For the Rookie Stepmom


Ben did a fantastic job editing my manuscript! As this was my first work, I really didn’t know what to expect – I cringed when I hit send, unaccustomed as I am to feedback from a stranger. Ben’s review was thorough and his feedback specific and detailed. He took care of all my ‘Aussie slang’ that would have confused an international audience. There were areas where his feedback made me laugh out loud which was a nice touch. He was punctual and responsive throughout the project and has greatly improved the quality of the manuscript. Thanks Ben, it was a delight to work with you and I wouldn’t hesitate to do so again. Would highly recommend.

Neera Mahajan

Eight Steps to Be An Authorpreneur

Ben's work and professionalism are par excellence. He is committed, treats my work with respect and care, raises thoughtful questions, and makes subtle improvements keeping my voice intact. I really enjoy working with him.

Chuck Thompson

The Traveller


Ben doesn’t just edit your work, he elevates it. Working with him took my book to a whole other level, not only in the suggestions he made but also the questions he asked which prompted me to dig deeper and be more creative. He dedicates himself to your work like it’s his own book, the value of which can not be underestimated. Some people just care about getting paid, Ben cares about the final product.

H.P. Burman

Lives of E


Working with Ben to improve my novel has been nothing but a pleasure. He always easy-going and quick to answer any questions one might have. His professionalism is nothing but top notch. Ben will tell you if one of your characters seems to act a bit out of character at some point, and he picks up on little details that I wouldn’t have spotted in a million years. He makes great suggestions to improve the text and checks every fact. I now feel a lot more confident about putting my book out on the market. I would recommend Ben to any writer needing a pair of sharp eyes to improve their text, and I’d be more than happy if I got the chance to cooperate with him again on upcoming projects.

Amanda Willett

Editor, BBC Learning


I employed Ben as a freelance copy-editor on a large digital project for the BBC, and I worked with him for more than two years. Ben was responsible for proofing and re-writing copy for an extensive website. He was exceptionally professional in his approach to getting the job done, working to very tight deadlines. He is accurate and attentive to the smallest of details and produced work to a very high standard. I would not hesitate to recommend Ben for any editorial job.

Ines Nelband 

Tomorrow You’ll Quit


Ben was exactly the type of editor I’d hoped to find! I was looking for someone with experience that could bring new insights to my manuscript and Ben has delivered on my expectations, above and beyond… His notes were spot-on and provided me the feedback that has helped strengthen my message throughout the book. But professionalism is not the only word to describe it – He was also very patient and accessible. He cared about my work and spent time getting to know me and understanding my vision. With his help I was able to create a finished product that I’m proud of.

Erik Heen 

Things That Go ‘Squish’


This was my first book and apparently I hit the jackpot in choosing a top-notch editor. Ben scoured every nook and cranny of my manuscript and polished up every aspect. His changes significantly enhanced the structure, clarity, and overall spirit of the book.
Ben also conducted thorough research to fine tune any inaccuracies, like ensuring dates and names were correct, adjusting song lyrics I’d misquoted, and even looking up an online restaurant menu to see if I’d gotten the prices right.
The back-and-forth communications with Ben were seamless, with no confusion or impatience on his part. Any open issues were dealt with promptly and efficiently.
I’m fortunate to have found a stellar editor in Ben, and I’ll definitely be turning to him for my next book.

Jack Serong

Great Ocean Quarterly (Australia)


Ben is the duck’s nuts – very, very accurate and tough on the lazy stuff.

Justin Kleinle

Sol Book Two: Rebellion


If only Reedsy would let me give six stars! This has been my second time working with Ben, and even though I thought he couldn’t do any better last time he’s managed to surpass my expectations once again. Ben is like an encyclopedia: he knew things about swords, architecture, and language that blew my mind. The guy’s like a never ending bag of snapple facts! For example, he knew the types of steel that were used to construct swords, the types of grips used to handle knives, where certain terms originate from (and therefore wouldn’t be applicable in my fantasy setting) and much more.

I think my absolute favorite change by Ben was on my first project with him, where a character was handcuffed and I wrote a simple “click”. Ben changed it to “click click” because, duh, handcuffs have two rings. I’ve worked security for years, and have put more people in handcuffs than I care to remember, and Ben managed to point it out. This is the level of detail we’re working with!

And let’s not forget about word flow! Ben knows just where to add and cut to make the sentences flow together like a river (and if he edited this review he’d probably make that metaphor better too!) The words really come together to create a product that’s hard to put down even for me, and I’ve read through the dang thing for editing purposes over eight times!

Ben took my manuscript and made it something I can be really proud of. I’m a self published author, but Ben’s hard work has made it read and feel like I’ve worked with a major publisher. I can not recommend Ben Way enough for all of your editing needs.

Stephen Joy

The Answer


I would like to acknowledge my editor Ben Way for the time and effort he put in to make The Answer all it could be. Sometimes you find yourself at a juncture in life where you need something to happen but have no clue as to how to go about achieving it and then just the right person comes along. For me, Ben was such a person. His editing work speaks for itself – it’s immaculate. You’ll find no awkward phrasing, confusing non sequiturs, or inaccurate technical details in The Answer because in his capable hands all i’s were dotted and t’s crossed. He met and exceeded every expectation I had and a few I didn’t. His questions, comments, and suggestions helped me safely navigate the tricky passage of turning a giant pile of words into a book. From start to finish he was professional, thorough, and precise. I felt like he treated the book as if it were his own. I hope to do at least one more with him before the world catches on to what a fantastic editor he is at which point he’ll no doubt raise his rates and I won’t be able to afford him anymore. Doh!

Antony Goodman

Soul Storm


Prior to working with Ben, I never wrote a book in my life. I went into the process thinking how straight forward everything would be after completing the manuscript. How wrong I was.

I can honestly say that without Ben’s tireless work and his keen eyesight and mind, I doubt the final product (though not quite completed) would have been half as good as it should have been.

I gave Ben full permission to add and subtract what he felt was needed, missing or unnecessary in the book. I actually requested, when advertising myself, for somebody to come along and brutalise and destroy my book, tell me its crap, and give it back to me to fix. Ben did neither, full of honest praise and sound advice that really helped with the unease and doubt I was feeling, while Ben was working his magic.

I implore anyone, with an idea of a book, or a completed book and in dire need of a professional editor to seek out O’Ben Way Kenobi (sorry Ben, couldn’t resist), as you will not be disappointed.

Thank you once again Ben, and as soon as I’ve saved up more money, will absolutely be coming back to you for book 2, 2.5, 3 and four!

Lee Jackson 

Rasputin’s Legacy


I am very happy to recommend Ben Way as an editor par excellence. His background speaks for itself: having been Managing Editor for Guinness World Records and having edited several NYT Best Sellers. He edited three excerpts of my most recent book and did such an outstanding job that I engaged him, and in retrospect I am very glad I did. By the time he saw it, the book had already been through two other very good editors and 15 excellent beta readers. Nevertheless, he found elements of inconsistency and story structure not previously identified and brought them to my attention in a supportive way that was easy to accept. He kept me informed of progress as he made two passes through the book, and was stickler for meeting his own self-imposed schedule – the latter factor having been very much appreciated as opposed to having waited on other editors for weeks with no information about why a delay. I am thoroughly happy with Ben, appreciated very much the professional relationship we developed, and look forward to working with him on future projects.

Paweł Łyczkowski

Ashima: The Land of Mists


Ben was the most responsive editor from the ones I contacted on Reedsy, which is important for me. He answered my questions extensively. To my text he added just the right amount of comments – enough to keep me busy, and not so much that I would be discouraged. He doesn’t shy away from work – he did an additional full pass over the text of his own accord, which proved to be very fruitful. Recommended.

Jane Laing

Quintessence Publishing


Thanks to Ben Way for his magnificently thorough fact checking.

Sarah Uttridge

Amber Books


Ben has worked on a variety of proof-reading and editing projects for me and he has always provided a high standard of work. He is conscientious and thoughtful and often has to deal with moving deadlines. I find him reliable and enthusiastic and would have no hesitation in recommending him.

Dylan Hearn

Second ChanceAbsent SoulsGenesis Redux


I would heartily recommend Ben to any author looking for a line or copy-editor. I was lucky enough to have Ben as copy-editor on my novel, Second Chance. Despite this being my first novel, Ben remained encouraging while still asking the probing questions every good editor should. He was patient, clearly involved in the story and only growled a little whenever I ignored his advice (which was rare). Just make sure you do your research before mentioning metalwork. He’s a real stickler for these things…

Ron Castelli

You Can't Thread

a Moving Needle

You can't go wrong with Ben. He has a simple but highly professional approach. As a first time author he was quick to eliminate a lot of my unnecessary worries. He has a great candor and makes suggestions in an unobtrusive manner. He also goes "above and beyond" by providing input on other stages of the process that he is not involved with. I especially admire him for moving forward on a piece of work that many others passed on. He was open-minded enough to move past the unusual content wasn't so quick to judge a book by its cover, if I may. I value his input and strongly recommend his services.



Peter Yoon

The Birth of Re

and Fame

Ben’s help and suggestions were practical and constructive.

I received a great amount of attention from Ben to identify gaps and develop sections of the story to ensure a better flowing plot.

Also, Ben’s suggestions on new word choices and sentence structures improved the overall writing style.

For my next story, I hope to work with Ben again!



Neera Mahajan

How to Write and Publish a Book in

One Week

It was a pleasure working with Ben on my first book. He explained to me the process of editing and held my hand all the way through. He treated me with respect reserved for an accomplished author, which gave me much-needed confidence.

Daniel L

Redefining Limitations in Our Mindset: How a Tragic Event Led to Overcoming Barriers With a Disability

Ben had great communication through the editing process. He made suggestions that I did not think about, which helped the readability of my book. I would recommend him to anyone looking for an editor.

Justin Kleinle 

Sol Book One: Void


Mr Way was incredibly professional and did an excellent job. He took the time to get to know my characters, and was capable of writing dialogue that kept each individual character’s unique personality and voice in tact. He also had a crazy attention to detail, being able to recognize minor things that I would have never noticed, such as whether or not a sword needed to be pulled out of its sheath or if it was already out. Mr Way was also always punctual and never missed a deadline and went above what he needed to do for the project, helping me with my book’s blurb and continuing to help me until I was completely satisfied. I highly recommend Ben Way for all your editing needs.

Peter Cornwall

Expiry Date

I want to thank Ben Way for his dedicated support throughout the different stages of the book editing process. My first book, I was fortunate to find an editor who combined professionalism and affordability, who showed a deep understanding of style and story, and who with his keen eye for detail helped strengthen the storyline and narrative. Ben is just a great person to have around.

Matt Fox  

The Hitchhiker Man


Ben was amazing to work with. He was friendly, helpful, easy to communicate with, and clearly an expert in his field. He went above and beyond my expectations from the beginning. He checked all my facts and found many that were wrong that I never would have considered looking up. He found inconsistencies and made me aware of every little bit that needed more attention. I highly recommend him. I will definitely hire him again for my next book.

Drew Branaghan

The Global Avatar

Take the time to read through all of Ben’s reviews and you will see a clear picture of a thorough and meticulous professional. I am very happy with the positive difference that his work has made to my manuscript. I expect that Ben’s services will always be in high demand, and if you are able to work with him you will definitely be pleased with the results.

Keith Rumjahn

Complete Guide to Basketball Defense

Working with Ben was a pleasure. Professional and thorough. Highly recommended.

Rafael Castro

The Great Conversion

Ben Way is an extremely knowledgeable editor able to detect mistakes and imprecisions other editors would miss. I greatly appreciated Ben’s punctual delivery of work, flexibility and valuable feedback. I would undoubtedly work with him again.

Vanessa Holmes

Makeuda, Queen of the South

Being my first novel, I didn’t know what to expect from an editor. But Ben surpassed my expectations, his small changes made such a big difference. At no point did he change my voice, and for that I was grateful. I would thoroughly recommend Ben, for his professionalism and attention to detail. Now working with Ben on another project.

Achillislander Gallagher

Fujita 4

Ben is very sharp. He misses nothing. I found him very easy to work with and his suggestions re my work were always helpful, to the point, and constructive. It was great value for money.

Justin Kleinle

Sol Book Three: Icarus


Ben Way does it again! This is my third time working with him, and for good reason. He’s always on top of things, suggesting edits that improve the end product tremendously. Ben has an extensive eye for detail, my favorite from this entry: I had my right handed character shut an eye while shooting. Apparently the eye I chose was what left handed people do. That’s just one of many examples of extreme attention to detail that helped improve the overall quality of the book. He’s also good at picking up plot holes, and suggesting simple solutions to them. Overall, he keeps the world functional realistically, which helps keep readers immersed. Also really good at catching spelling and grammar mistakes. I highly recommend Ben Way for all of your editing needs, and I hope to work with him again in the future!

Roy Bright



I cannot stress enough how amazing Ben is with his approach to your project, his thoughtfulness and intricate interaction. He isn’t just editing for grammatical sakes; he very much becomes an integral part of your work to ensure it is the best it can possibly be.

Absolute 5-star material in every sense of the phrase.

Thanks, Ben, for the outstanding work you have done, and will do in the future for me.

David McGoings

Catharsis: 2066


Ben was a pleasure to work with. As an editor he is invested in not just you and your story, but your vision as a whole. He will work with you until your book is exactly the way you want it- no questions asked. Given this box is only so big, I can’t even begin to scratch the surface on why Ben Way is beyond what you would expect from an editor. Truly a pleasure and HIGHLY recommended.

Haris Dimitriadis 

Death is Nothing to Fear


Working with Ben has proved to be a delightful experience. He has managed to surpass my expectations with his professionalism and talent in content development and editing. Besides, Ben has been courteous, responsive, fast, helpful in every respect. He has been actually my consultant in all stages of building up the book. He inspired me confidence through his accurate recommendations and thorough editing. I will certainly use his services again. Highly recommended.

Simon Pearce 

Taking Care of Business


I can’t recommend Ben enough! He is very professional in both the quality of his work and his communication with you. He replies quickly and with all of the information you require (and then some). His eye for detail is amazing and he will also offer his creativeness too, not just go by the numbers. He has extensive knowledge on many subjects, to help with accuracy, as well as the skill to research new things in a short period of time.

If you are looking for someone to edit your book look no further!

Justin Kleinle 

Sol: Book One


I highly recommend him. Excellent work, extremely communicative, and had the manuscript in early. I’ve left several other reviews for Ben in the past, so if you’re looking for more detail please scroll down!

Mike Mendes

Prey Till Dawn


Ben is absolutely phenomenal. This is my second endeavor with him and it just as fantastic as the first. His work and ability to adapt to/understand an author’s vision is second-to-none. He can also teach you a thing or two if you pay attention. Hands down, one of the best I’ve ever come across. Will recommend 10/10.

Craig Glenday

Guinness World Records


Ben is a fast, accurate editor, passionate about good copy; he has a keen eye for design and is very flexible, turning his hand to design and copywriting across the business when required. He also has a solid background in digital publishing that proved invaluable in the creation of GWR’s debut iPad app. On a personal level, he’s also fun to have around. The amount of time in my career that I’ve sat next to Ben – I’ve spent more time with him than I have my own family – is testament to how much I trust him and his abilities as an editor, and I look forward to the day when we can work together again.

Roy Bright 

Judas: Revelation


Once again, Ben’s edits have proven to be the decisive factor in polishing off my work and creating a seamless and unbroken reading experience for fans of my work. I cannot recommend Ben highly enough and thank him dearly for everything he has done.

Bradley Daunbaugh 

T-bone’s Revenge


Ben was prompt and thorough. His level of detail in researching elements of my novel to ensure authenticity went beyond my expectations. In the bidding process, he was one of the few editors who provided a detailed sample of his work against my first chapter, which made it easy to pick Ben as an editor. Highly recommended.

Sid James

Author, Reticulated Pythons – A Complete Guide to Care and Husbandry


Ben was really helpful and professional and exceeded my expectations, through my first effort at writing a book. The subject was specialist non-fiction and Ben went out of his way to research the subject and challenge some of the content.

Sara Bussandri 

The Complete Guide to Recovery from a Broken Tibia and an Intramedullary Nail


I don’t think I could have picked a better editor for this project. Ben was an absolute pleasure to work with. He’s extremely professional and experienced, and he definitely went above and beyond helping me and advising me with my book. I would definitely recommend Ben and hope to work with him again in the future!

Mark Haddon

Discovery Education


Ben has been a superb editor for us, working on both large and small digital projects. His work has been completed to an excellent standard and his thoroughness on tasks has been a real benefit to us. He is diligent and adaptable, editing a variety of assets from digital guides to transcripts, and has used a range of different delivery methods. I would not hesitate to recommend Ben’s services to other organisations.

Peter Oxley

The Demon Inside


Really enjoyed working with Ben – I really feel that he “got” my vision and the requirements, and the manuscript is considerably improved thanks to the value he’s added. Great communication, and he went the extra mile in researching some obscure facts and slang to ensure what was written was in line with the period in which it’s written. Will definitely engage Ben again.

S.D. Gatley

Swipe Right for Loneliness


Bottom line: Working with Ben was a dream scenario, and his services were second to none. I cannot endorse his editing services highly enough.

I queried many editors to review my manuscript for a trial edit, including many major, well-known editing services. Ben’s preliminary trial edit was so obviously superior that I did not hesitate in choosing him, and that choice was confirmed at each stage of the project. He stayed on schedule, communicated frequently, provided thoughtful, meaningful feedback, delivered meticulous line-edits, and shepherded the project through to its final completion as though he had a personally vested interest. He consistently went above and beyond the call of duty, often working as editor and collaborator on many aspects beyond necessary. I have no doubt that the final product was the best version of itself possible, all thanks to Ben’s care and professionalism.

If you are looking for an editor to produce a timely product of the highest quality, look no further than Ben.

Charles Puccia

Baseball Man


I hired Ben for a content and copy edit. He completed both fast, too fast for me to keep up. I appreciated his attention to detail, and he queried every little fact—so annoying when he was right. Don’t you hate that!

Trust me. Ben is what I needed: patient, responsive, reliable, and a detail addict. He straightened my skewed storyline like a grammatical Jedi. Misspelled words, foreign and English? No problemo. His comments filled my Word document. I responded and he answered, and so forth and so on.

I could not be more pleased and hope to hire Ben again if he doesn’t enter an Editor’s Protection Program from dangling-participle novelists. A great guy and above board. Or is it above deck?

Robin Harvie

Aurum Publishing Group


Ben took on the proof-reading for Aurum’s eBooks just as we were launching the digital business. I was delighted with the work he did for us – he understood exactly what was needed, was efficient, bang on time with every deadline we asked of him and, most importantly, the quality of the work was top notch.

Rob Molloy

Director of Global TV Content and Sales, 

Guinness World Records


I worked with Ben for six years. He is an extremely professional editor and writer and has a great overall knowledge of the business of publishing and design. 

He was always the first person I would go to on his team as he is able to explain everything in very comprehendible terms and then manage and deliver what was asked in a timely and professional manner. 

Plus he’s got a great sense of humour! 

I would recommend Ben to anyone considering employing him.

Michael Spilling

Amber Books


Ben has copy-edited and proof-read numerous projects for Amber Books over the last few years and I have always found him to be conscientious and accurate in everything he has done for us. His work is neat and carefully prepared and, importantly, he sticks to deadlines. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ben.




David Ellis

The Knowing


Placing months of work in the hands of a total stranger is daunting for even the most experienced author. But one big advantage of Ben Way’s copy editing service is that he offers to do a sample edit, which is a huge help when you’re trying to choose between one editor and another. He also includes two passes of the edit in the final package, which is great for picking up things that got missed the first time through. Ben is probably not as ruthless as some editors at applying his red pen to the passive voice and other minor infelicities, but he’s hot on accuracy and will research extensively until he’s satisfied that what you’ve written isn’t errant nonsense. He even checked my Welsh and I can’t imagine many editors bothering to do that!